My current favourite thing is screencasts with hilariously over the top soundtracks. Never has writing a netlify function in Vim and deploying a hello world endpoint seemed so cool.

at least we’re done with that whole “hoping” thing now.

Signed up for . Watched the intro, and can't remember feeling so hyped about an MOOC.

"There's something deeply artistic and elegant in
the way programming languages fit together and I want you to stretch your mind, and
I want you to look at this course as a fresh way to look about software.
A fresh way to think about programming that you've never thought about before.
We're going to make you uncomfortable.
We're going to do things in a strange way."

Quite a claim.

I have removed analytics from my personal site. The numbers provide no value to me. Nothing they tell me is going to make me change the way I do stuff here, so why feed into the global shitshow that is needless counting and tracking?

Really happy for the exercise clause. My streak hits 3 years in less than a month and I was about to have to figure out how many laps of our tiny yard I’d have to run.

little Mastodon feature found while surfing after debugging with Mod Headers enabled - request a page with `Accepts: application/json` and it returns a JSON response. Always a fan of this type of API design.

@pimterry I'm always the latter. I mean, those yaks aren't gonna shave themselves.

I know the answer is "the algorithm", but why are modern YouTube videos so long?

I dare say that I'm not really in the target demographic for most of the content, but it feels like such an inefficient way to habitually consume information.

@andreasio @chartier Hey Andreas - apologies for seeing this so late (I need to make mastodon more of a habit).

I installed it locally, had a play and then intended on "doing something with my photos" and using it in anger. But then... best intentions and all that, it's a long-lived todo.

Has anyone got working with Mastodon & WordPress?
I'm using Bridgy and I can see it sending mentions, but they never seem to appear on my moderation page.

One Cut of the Dead is looking like a late contender for the highly coveted favourite-film-I’ve-seen-this-year.

Busy weekend ahoy - Anfield tonight, to watch the mighty return to the premier league. Marple Beer Run tomorrow, to run as fast as I can without vomiting.

I rarely get more offended than when "Angela from LinkedIn Premium" describes me as an "active member".

@jamiefdhurst I've accidentally quit coffee by deliberately drinking more water (water+coffee just made not pissing myself really hard). Had headaches first couple of days, but since then been fine.

21st century masochism - sleepless night, so pass the night reading book on how important sleep is to my health.

I mean, I map my craps lock to escape because the new MBPs suck, but I guess it’s good to have a fallback.

Went out of my way to watch the latest episode of Brexit tonight, no one bothered to tell me it was a bloody repeat.

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