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📹 The new Making Future Interfaces video is here! This time: Inline SVG

✅How to hand code it
✅Accessible charts
✅JavaScript and generative art

To quote: "The only requirement for components placed inside a Link is they should accept an `onClick` prop."


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Been following the next.js walkthrough and I think I'm out before I've finished learning how to navigate between pages.

It's an isomorphic framework, and magically "just works", but it just doesn't give a shit about "the web" or "people".

The reddest flag was where they suggest changing an a-tag in the Link component to a button and marvel how it still functions. Which is sweet and all, but why aren't we telling devs not to do that? Ever?

As a responsible dad, I obviously do "pull my finger" with my 3 year old.

As an irresponsible dad, I also make him say "excuse me" because he instigated the fart.

If I die imminently, it’s because I just discovered that cake dipped in uncooked cake batter tastes glorious. I want it to be known that I regret nothing.

One of the lads got Spiderman over Christmas, but I've still not started it. Find myself obsessed with Infamous: Second Son. Given that trajectory, I expect to start Spiderman in late 2022.

Post New Years weigh in tells me I put on just over 2 kg over the break. I believe that to be positively balanced by the 18 mile double parkrun I did yesterday, so we’ll see how that evens out over the next few days.

‪Black Friday. The day you discover who didn’t really take you off their mailing lists in May…‬

The point of that toot pre-tangent was that the Nintendo Switch is a lovely experience, as is Pokemon Let's Go.

Just so you get that cutting tech analysis that I'm so famous for.

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I got a Nintendo Switch at the weekend (Let's Go Evee was what tipped me over the line, but I've meant to buy for a while). Terrible initial experience from AO (Nintendo failed to fulfil day one orders, my delivery got missed one the Saturday and then finally received it on Sunday PM). I did get a £30 refund though, which was nice.

Feels a lot more comfortable posting about consumer woes on here where no one's watching. Don't feel like the noisy table in the restaurant screaming for attention.

Ah fuck, I'm not deleting and re-adding that. "Firefox OVER Chrome".

Sorry folks.

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One of the reason I started using Firefox of Chrome was the tab carousel. I feel it's now enabling my problem.

I switched to DuckDuckGo a few weeks ago, I've consciously switched from the big G for a lot of reasons - mostly privacy.

I dunno how good DDG is - mostly because I'm not looking for hard to find things, so there's no real vector to compare on. One observation though: it's a haven for piracy. You search for a non-major motion picture, you'll get as many DDL and streaming sites as you will information about that picture. Books are the same. No comment, just merely observing.

It's really quite strange being an fan at the moment. Last year, we had a similar run of form, but it felt kinda flukey. This time we're good. Like REALLY good.

Just been reminiscing in the office about our favourite potential global pandemics.

We've got SARS, bird flu, swine flu, foot & mouth, BSE/CJD - what did I miss? (lots of debate and googling about which, if any of those, were dupes).

The end of last night's UFC - quite the shitshow.

It's fascinating to watch though - they've leaned more towards WWE than boxing in building the brand and drama rather than sport and competition. I guess this is what happens when you don't have complete control like the WWE does.

American Vandal season 2 is great. I was wondering how they’d follow such a unique first season, but genuinely felt like they nailed it.

Tried watching the Conor McGregor press conference last night. Few observations:

1) The metamorphis is complete, he's an absolute caricature of himself.
2) The MMA press borders on sycophantic. He'll stutter out a hacky one-liner, and the birdsite goes apeshit for it.
3) I expect USADA has stopped testing for recreational drugs.

Been revisiting the films I’ve watched this year on Letterboxd, and it appears I’ve not been to the cinema once so far.

A pretty poor showing, given I “earn” a free trip per week through my life insurance.

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