So. The snow happened... lets see how the city buses manage.

I'm tired and I'm cold,
... and I'm tired of being cold.
Dark isn't helping.

Twice frozen snow,
wind sublimated sidewalks,
old trees shattering.

Every summer,
forgets the depth of winter,
sweating in the shade.


All things that take time to pick should ( like scry ) have an animation like surveil does.

I was irrationally worried that my face was filling with blood as I had been worrying a temple vein... I had a whole scenario about me texting a photo of my subdermally hemorrhaging face to my wife before I lost consciousness and wondering if I should get on a bus to the hospital or wait for someone to come get me.

My face was fine though so here's an anti-selfie (what the normal camera saw after switching off the facecam)... I thought it was interesting... not sure what to tag it.

Animated Gif 

Google Photos decided my attempt to video my cat licking my head needed a looped animation.

Scenes from board game night yesterday.

We played XIA, Kingdomino, Quantum, and Viticulture.

neato. I already have no idea what I'm doing.

ā€¦but seriouslyā€¦ adjusting to a 500 character constraint is a little uncomfortable for me. Birdsiteā€™s 140 was enough for a complete ā€œthoughtā€ and I learned that 700 characters was about all anyone ever read before grazing to the next Google+ thing. Like, 700 characters seems to be where an ā€œideaā€ starts feeling like an ā€œessayā€.

Mastodon's 500 feels like itā€™s about a thought and a half shy of an idea but I will Strunk & White myself until I fit if I have to...

_500 Characters or Fewer and a Picture of a Cat_

In my summation,
limits inspire brevity,
demand clarity.

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