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I cannot begin to tell you how often it bothers me that William Randolph Hearst loved Krazy Kat

dreamt I had an absolutely intense shouting argument with my mother about whether the Seven Up series demonstrated varying life outcomes by class, or whether it was too incompetently produced to demonstrate anything at all

lately I've been thinking that 'instinct', a slightly mystified concept, is actually just 'feelings'

watching the white wolf documentary and thinking it's curious how the main sources of love, family, and connection in my life are indirectly due to a 1991 roleplaying game getting us all to feel comfortable with being mentally ill vampire fuckers

in physical anthropology I learned that the body makes a decision about when to go into labor not from data about the relative sizes of mother and baby--there are no systems that can directly sense this-- but through the sophisticated and ancient mechanisms of the metabolism: labor is triggered when the metabolic needs of baby begin to exceed the processing capacity of their bearer. Consequently I am fucking starving

saw a wikipedia page the other day which identified "gestation" as meaning "breastfeeding"

it was one of those pages where the talk page was filled with students assigned to practice peer review and become accustomed to contributing to the global body of scholarship, too...fucked up IMO

here is a geometric explanation of FOIL as given by the islamic scholars of algebra in the middle ages. unlike memorizing some stupid rule of pure symbol manipulation, it actually makes sense

rules and standards for judgment are important because they are tools that can help us move from thinking we are being fair because we're the sort of people who would be fair, to actually being fair because we measured it and corrected our errors

He: (world-weary, Catholic, pointing out graffiti in Western Scotland) 'FTP'--"fuck the pope". Or maybe that person just loves file transfer protocol and wants everyone to know.
Me: (american, still capable of being shocked by 300+ year-old ethnoreligious conflict) But why would they write it here, where the Pope won't even see it? That's just mean!

the story of Baby is one of constant struggle against an ever-present encroacher, my Bladder

I'm pretty sure I don't understand instances but I'm having a lovely time

super nostalgic for early linux desktop stuff

i wish interfaces would go back to being creative and detailed, or at least easily customizable

it used to be fun trying different desktops and being like "wow the window decoration looks really cool"

and i mean can you imagine how cool interfaces and icons could be using today's tools if everything wasn't flat and minimalist

drug, nintendo 

drug, nintendo 

positive mention of joss whedon, plus I say "bitch" 

don't gender me before I've had my coffee

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