I've been a vi/vim guy since I was first introduced to Unix (in the form of aix). I held an uninformed hatred of emacs, inherited from my teachers.

How very wrong I have been.

Org mode is the most incredible tool I've ever used. Realizing I could create to-do lists, estimate the tasks, clock in and out, and then summarize time spent in a nice table was fantastic.
It's been completely worth rewiring my brain. Though I still doubt myself when I move with arrow keys.

Hey, @PINE64 , why can't I use my own custom domain email address to sign up for your forum? I have a sinistermrcream domain, but your registration form tells me I must have a valid email when I enter an email address at the domain...

I'm a serial dabbler in languages. Python, Clojure, ClojureScript, Rust. Not one would I consider myself an expert in, yet I constantly find myself attracted to the next.

Now, though, I have languages for general use, data science, jvm development, better js development, and systems programming, even if they all need practice.

Anyone else a nomad?

I'm looking for a new properly blogging platform. I'm thinking about getting back to my GitHub's website with Jekyll, but I want to try another platform with more reach.

Anyway, I'm not sure of what is the purpose of a dev blog when you're not recognized by the world as a properly developer.

Which do you do? Be honest.

Please boost :)

#Unix #Linux #FreeBSD

Another day, another Google product is given a death date. Google Trips will be gone in early August.

This is the reason I went with Rust over Go. I wanted something not tied to Google and their arbitrary ending of support.
It's for this reason I will keep looking at ClojureScript React Native for any app development too; as cool as Flutter looks, I can't be sure of it's lifespan.

I'm looking at rust for systems coding, but it doesn't really have a strong gaming presence yet. The only thing I could find was an experimental Godot setup

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What's the general consensus on pygame? I love Python, but it feels like it wouldn't be as performant as I'd assume would be needed.

First time my tripped up. Tried with my simple app and it takes 10 minutes to start. Then updates to the code take another minute to appear in the browser.

Not a failing as it was always a stretch to think it could handle a Java-based, real time loading setup. Ah well

Genuinely impressed with the performance. Was going to use it to replace my PocketCHIP as my ssh machine for managing multiple raspberry pi, but it's way more able than reviews made me believe. Looking to make this my / dev machine!

Great work @PINE64

Can't wait to see what you pull out with the pro version.

Medium really is a pain in the ass. I just want to read blog posts, stop asking me to sign up.

@PINE64 excited for shipping of my pinebook. Is "Early of May" here yet?

"Riot Games employees are preparing for a walkout this afternoon... employees reported a culture of widespread and endemic sexism at the company... the first walkout at a major gaming studio."


DO IT! AAA, the corporate game industry is overflowing w/ shitheadery, exploitation of workers. It's the central pillar where Steve Bannon launched the fascist international movement through gamergate, pushing game culture toward the far-right

This is a critical anti-fash push.

OK...opened the federated timeline to about 15 toots with "Sensitive Content" images. The image is obscured, but pretty obvious.

Return to the local timeline: cats and sunsets.

Any React Native devs out there who have worked on native apps? Looking to get a neutral-ish opinion on React Native's reliance on native modules for advanced features.

Need to spec up a team to go with a new project and not sure how complete an engineer's native skills would need to be.

Alternatively, need to know whether to scrap the React Native idea and just embrace the duality.

Decisions, decisions.

Writing a simple ClojureScript behavior that changes the size of a div on click.

Nice and easy: add an onClick event watcher. But then what?

Is it better to use js interop to access the event target and the style, or have the div deref a reagent atom (which sets the style) and use the onClick function to update the atom?

Either way achieves the result, but the first feels more portable, while the latter makes much better use of reagent...

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