I've been a vi/vim guy since I was first introduced to Unix (in the form of aix). I held an uninformed hatred of emacs, inherited from my teachers.

How very wrong I have been.

Org mode is the most incredible tool I've ever used. Realizing I could create to-do lists, estimate the tasks, clock in and out, and then summarize time spent in a nice table was fantastic.
It's been completely worth rewiring my brain. Though I still doubt myself when I move with arrow keys.

@fribbledom @P @d someone once looked at my Clojure code and declared it unreadable. I'm showing them this.

@noelle for someone just using the service, I really like the PWA. It looks better than the majority of Android options I could find

@PINE64 yeah...no spaces. I just confirmed. It also doesn't care what the email prefix is. It objects to the domain.

Hey, @PINE64 , why can't I use my own custom domain email address to sign up for your forum? I have a sinistermrcream domain, but your registration form tells me I must have a valid email when I enter an email address at the domain...

@Gargron @halcy yeah. Don't kill yourself when a user can mitigate the limited impact. Haven't used a spam filter I could trust 100% in any service, so this would be no different.

@jsalvador Rust would be a good choice too. With C knowledge he would probably get started quickly.

Python is obviously less work to get something that functions. I love Python to sketch out my ideas.

I'm a serial dabbler in languages. Python, Clojure, ClojureScript, Rust. Not one would I consider myself an expert in, yet I constantly find myself attracted to the next.

Now, though, I have languages for general use, data science, jvm development, better js development, and systems programming, even if they all need practice.

Anyone else a nomad?

@jsalvador can you use something like dev.to and then publish a short summary with link to GitHub page if you're not writing in English?

I'm looking for a new properly blogging platform. I'm thinking about getting back to my GitHub's website with Jekyll, but I want to try another platform with more reach.

Anyway, I'm not sure of what is the purpose of a dev blog when you're not recognized by the world as a properly developer.

Which do you do? Be honest.

Please boost :)

#Unix #Linux #FreeBSD

Another day, another Google product is given a death date. Google Trips will be gone in early August.

This is the reason I went with Rust over Go. I wanted something not tied to Google and their arbitrary ending of support.
It's for this reason I will keep looking at ClojureScript React Native for any app development too; as cool as Flutter looks, I can't be sure of it's lifespan.

I'm looking at rust for systems coding, but it doesn't really have a strong gaming presence yet. The only thing I could find was an experimental Godot setup

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What's the general consensus on pygame? I love Python, but it feels like it wouldn't be as performant as I'd assume would be needed.

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