All this talk about other public instances, I'm just setting up a private instance for me and friends to keep the scale under control

update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

Do you ever go to edit DNS records and wonder what all these IP addresses even are

you know what? if this turns into a place where just tech/infosec nerds hang out, I'd be happy with just that.

So when I move to self hosting this do followers come with?

@SirCmpwn turns out opennes and open standards foster innovation? Who woulda thunk it! ;)

This is giving me ideas for a federated video publishing platform built on RSS feeds...

"Don't like gmail? Go to ProtonMail. And you don't lose the ability to interact with people who do use Gmail. Don't like Facebook? Go to Ello. But now you've lost your entire network."


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