For anyone who cares: the @gamingonlinux rollout of custom user profile addresses has been finished.

If you didn't know, you can now have your GOL profile be something like /profiles/coolperson instead of /profiles/1221230902304234

Spent like 3 hours trying to improve the selective quoting feature in @gamingonlinux comments.

Turns out switching "mouseup" to "click" was all that was needed to ensure selected text was inside a specific container. As it does both mousedown and mouseup checks <_<

A short clip from the @gamingonlinux co-op podcast episode going live tomorrow, part of a rant on clickbait claiming Windows will move over to using Linux.

Daily dose of WTF: with the ExpressVPN Chrome extension installed, even when not turned on, certain sites JavaScript fails to load.

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*Worth pointing out the Tiny Tiny RSS team have a forum called "Gas Chamber" too. So uh, yeah. Fuck that software.

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Today, I tried to get a bit of help with Tiny Tiny RSS.

I was told "don't come back tbh", had my post closed and then...banned.

What the actual shit?

@gamingonlinux *Developers wouldn't see users email addresses, unless they replied to be interested.
*Developers would be given an area to do the email on GOL.

See all the time developers mentioning they have no Linux machine, no testers and so on - might help?

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Had an idea to build a simple "Linux Testing Initiative" tool on @gamingonlinux for game devs.

Thinking on a flow of: users opt-in after reading and agreeing to a few bits -> approved devs then get access to email testing info to everyone who signs up to help test. Thoughts?

The @gamingonlinux Co-Op News Punch Podcast (audio only) goes live on YouTube 10PM UTC:

Article will go up tomorrow morning.

I miss the days of the Ubuntu Papercuts project, that had Canonical people go through tons of little issues like that and sort them out constantly. It's part of what made me fall in love with Ubuntu originally.

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The people behind GNOME really should fix the "x is not responding" box when games are loading. Sooo many people on Linux think games are broken, but no it's just GNOME.

Currently drawing up plans for a return of the @gamingonlinux podcast, this time it's going CO-OP with @Samsai

Anyone used the blackfire profiler on Linux before?

Got it close to working, have the config all setup, but the agent won't launch

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the few people who donated / pledged to @gamingonlinux over the last day. That's been a huge help and really made me personally feel way better.

@gamingonlinux All part of a nice restructuring as I attempt to modernise it, to ensure future stability and keep us going in the long run. Already moved over a bunch to composer for easier managing.

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Does anyone know a good code profiler? One that's not overly complicated to use. I want something where I can get a readout of where @gamingonlinux is slow.

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"Supporting the devs" is not a concept that applies to AAA games. The only people making money off sales are the publisher and executives, not the artists, coders and other staff. Who, as we know, are likely to get laid off regardless of how sales go.

Save that stuff for small studios, they're the ones actually operating at small margins.

We branched out to cover a lot more areas like distros, desktops, followed more open source stuff and so on but it's really mentally testing. I'm feeling 100% demoralised today, when I constantly read about Linux people not giving a shit if anyone even supports Linux now.

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