Blimey, higher dose is something else. Spinny head, shaky body.

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Okay here we go, antidepressant dosage went up today, now we see how my body really handles it <_<

So this is day 4 of antidepressants. Feeling...rough. Head feels heavy and I still feel sick and dosage goes up tomorrow <_<

Wish me luck on my journey, I'm going to need it.

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I've released a new tool called plus-x, which allows developers on Windows to set executable permissions for their game binaries in order to make them easier to run on Linux or Mac OS. It's small, easy to use, and has a rad logo

First night of new tablets down. Serious dry mouth, no sleep, jaw hurts, everything else hurts, want to give up already. πŸ˜΅πŸ˜«πŸ˜–

Today I start anti-depressants and in two weeks I have a call with a mental health nurse. Good start I guess.

Publisher: yeah it'll be on Linux!
Me: writes about it for @gamingonlinux
Publisher: *new email doesn't mention Linux*
Me: what gives?
Publisher: Linux? oh possibly
Another person from publisher minutes later: Linux? no plans

Repeat constantly. My life.

Decided to finally speak to a doctor about some of my mental health issues.

I've been struggling for a long time now, sometimes I just can't functional at all. Mood is up one day, heavily down an hour later, sometimes ridiculously angry for no reason.


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Managed to solve this using a different selector based on selection.

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Is there actually a way in JavaScript to work around the fact that Chrome keeps text as "selected" even when you click once and it visually stops it being selected?

@gamingonlinux NVM, solved it. Moved the selector to a different element.

It seemed to dislike a hidden a link and so I moved it to an existing div.

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Anyone on Android know why the anchor jump links to go to the comments on @gamingonlinux don't work?

Click a comment counter on the home page, see what happens.

Really annoying. Works on desktop Firefox and all other browsers, just not Firefox mobile.

As I continue to watch Farscape, I am reminded on how we are in such an incredible golden age for TV and Movies that we can just watch stuff like this.

Remembering flashes of it on normal TV when I was like 10/11 and not knowing wtf was going on.

What's everyone doing for valentines this year then? Looks like I'm going to be alone and lockdown isn't helping so I can't exactly go anywhere <_<

Just FYI that @gamingonlinux is no longer a Paradox Interactive affiliate.

With Humble and GOG, you just get a nice tidy direct link with a bit in the end. Didn't like how Paradox used an external service and how the links worked there. Still love Paradox games β€οΈπŸ‘

Recording the @gamingonlinux podcast with @Samsai tonight! It's finally coming back :)

The F is basically freedom in what you do with it, not "free" as in no one needs to be paid.

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