Recording the next @gamingonlinux podcast with @Samsai tonight. We're a week early :O

So Mastodon is trying to be a little more serious now huh

*waves goodbye to tooting*

Today in fuck my life: went to race someone up the stairs, caught the wire of my new gamepad in my foot and promptly tore it out of my computer completely destroying the wire. 😅😢😵

Been really enjoying watching through properly for the first time. It's waaay darker than you realise when younger. Minus some early sci-fi cheesy bits, it's genuinely good. Lots of character development and fun stories to follow.

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I've been doing this thing where I play Valheim with @Sirsquid and make puns about everything. He asked me to play Valheim again today. From this I can deduce that either my puns are excellent or @Sirsquid has a severe Valheim addiction. Or potentially both.

Saw that Chaos Walking. Was okay. Not bad but entirely predictable. I continue to not be a fan of Daisy Ridley, still too... posh. Same problem I had with her as Rey in Star Wars, she just beams poshness and it really bugs me.

@gamingonlinux As a reminder: every single article tag is also an RSS feed. Look for the RSS icon when you click a tag!

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We're trying out a new tag on @gamingonlinux for articles not about specific games called "Meta" for random/misc news like drivers and stuff:

As always, appreciate any feedback and suggestions in the forum:

Good news everyone, this time I didn't screw up my audio for the @gamingonlinux podcast. Hooray.

Have formally asked for my name to be added to the Stallman petition, he has to go. The FSF is an absolute mess, a relic and needs to be modernized and become relevant again. It cannot with him there.

For the next @gamingonlinux podcast episode sadly my audio is quite rough, seems like my gain accidentally went to max. Don't have a clue how to fix so just trying to reduce it a little :(

Supposed to have a call with a mental health nurse today...wish me luck.

International Women's Day, much love to all my women friendos out there. Keep dreaming big, one day we'll knock down enough barriers for things to be truly equal. Keeping fighting for it.

Blimey, higher dose is something else. Spinny head, shaky body.

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Okay here we go, antidepressant dosage went up today, now we see how my body really handles it <_<

So this is day 4 of antidepressants. Feeling...rough. Head feels heavy and I still feel sick and dosage goes up tomorrow <_<

Wish me luck on my journey, I'm going to need it.

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I've released a new tool called plus-x, which allows developers on Windows to set executable permissions for their game binaries in order to make them easier to run on Linux or Mac OS. It's small, easy to use, and has a rad logo

First night of new tablets down. Serious dry mouth, no sleep, jaw hurts, everything else hurts, want to give up already. 😵😫😖

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