Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised with the rate stuff is going if @gamingonlinux didn't exist this time next year.

Struggling. We've had a notable drop in funding, Linux users themselves often don't care if a game actually supports them or not and the list goes on.

If everything turns into "just use Proton", we are basically out of business for so many reasons including: most developers don't even reply to us for keys to test/video/talk about or whatever.

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We branched out to cover a lot more areas like distros, desktops, followed more open source stuff and so on but it's really mentally testing. I'm feeling 100% demoralised today, when I constantly read about Linux people not giving a shit if anyone even supports Linux now.

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@Sirsquid I'm planning on buying a Linux laptop so I'll follow gaming on Linux with extra attention from now on 👍. Sending hugs 🤗

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