Spiders, arachnophobia 

Y’all are in for a treat. 😈💕

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My patrons have already read it, but for the rest of you... SOON TM

Long day. Long week. Not operating at full capacity. Might be slow to reply to stuff.

Animal Death 

Help my sister! Please! :(

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I'm going to keep sharing this...I need help. it drained all of my resources. i'm so tired. twitter.com/pghtgr/status/1216

Insects, bees 

Could tall retweet this for her? Please? 💕

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I think I screwed up my link so I'm sorry but I'm going to post this again.

I can't work and I need $40 before Friday to pay for my insurance, any extra donations will go to my medication, food and gas.

Thank you all so much.


Y’all ever see pics of a solar flare? Imagine one you could hug. That’s Luci. ::3

Spiders, arachnophobia 

Look, Curious Cat, even if I were interested in the app, the size of this pop up would make me not install it on sheer principle.

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been running at an increasingly sleep deficit for the past two weeks, and slept in until four yesterday.

Plus, y’know, those few days spent in fear of nuclear incineration.

Our girlfriend desperately needs help. Please. Even a little bit helps.

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Please, I just need a bit more but I only have until the 17th before my insurance is due.


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