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I'm excited to make some abstract bullshit in blender, seems like there's potential for that.

Modded minecraft 

A new Hippogryph hasn't spawned yet. This is so sad.

changed the theme on my computer and i could kill god

Imagine if we unfucked "art collecting", culturally. Imagine everyone would have a little collection of pieces by friends and family and artists they adore or connected with in their house instead of what "art collecting" means under capitalism. Wouldn't that be beautiful

Contrary to popular belief, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is not always a sign of insanity. Sometimes it's a sign that you're doing a Quick Time Event.

if i received a mysterious shipment of a chained up coffin with 'DO NOT OPEN' scrawled on the front that you can hear scratching sounds and occasionally singing from, i would simply be completely ok with that and use it as a tea table

It still boggles my mind that the mainstream idea of making monsters hotter is making them more human. This is ESPECIALLY prevalent in anime, and ESPECIALLY with female monsters. Bunch of cowards.

spending 500,000 arx on spaceship nuts (nuts for my spaceship)

istg you go to some shit for 5 minutes on here and everybody will be making riffs on a toot about like an alien from Portugal with IBS and you have no idea what the fuck any of this is about

Sisyphus but he's filling up the brita water filter pitcher

"Excuse me," said the knight, "but may I borrow that... er... implement?"
"My hoe?" the farmer said. "What for, milord?"
"For yonder dragon."
"The one bellowing in the hills? But you have a lance and a sword!"
"Why should I fight it? The dragon only asks for scritches."

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