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This video contains the definition of Foonthyurnt if any of you have seen my profile and been confused.

To be clear, the majority of the video is a commercial for someone's merch, but this is where I got the word and the only place I can find it so 🀷

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we live in the stupidest timeline

the fbi operative who led an attempt to purge the govt of anti-trump sentiment was apparently named dick seddon

*me as Godzilla yelling incoherently* I’m gay and dumb

paramour's hit song about incorporating in the midwest 

missouri business

my account is here to provide content, i will tie you down and force it down your throat, if you block me everyone talking about me will ensure you still have to be aware of me, if you destroy your computer to be free of me i will show up at your door at 3 am and holler my posts at you while you try to sleep. fuck you

if you get force femmed while pushing a rock up a hill, that's sissyphean

I've decided that "People just don't want to work anymore" has some serious "Girls just don't date nice guys" energy

Gender update 

I am a non binary man. No changes to my name or pronouns at this time. Thank you

alright. i’m only interested in support from folks who are serious about building the city of atlantis & then pushing it into the sea so that it becomes the β€œlost” city of atlantis. the rest of you can leave

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