Friends at the Table 

Friends at the Table is a good podcast and I like it a lot

I got a cool old puzzle for Christmas and I finally figured it out! I feel so smart and cool and hot

I've pinned down my idea for the jam, excited to get working on it tomorrow!


Bookbinding baybeee

using a new stitch (kettle stitch I think) and so far it rules. Only needs one needle and way less thread, and it seems like it's just as strong as the old stitch I was using.

Drawing of WAY more eyes than the usual amount, some of them are looking at the viewer. 

I still don't know how the hell to draw in a technical sense, but I don't hate this yet so off it goes!

Two year old drawing of a train I did that I think is pretty cool. Sorry about the weird banding, I think it has something to do with my lights.

My son has acquired a little cardboard circus tent and it is just the right size for him. He enjoys it very much. He is my favorite little guy.

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