Perhaps you wanted to assemble IKEA furniture? He's in.
Work with a cutting machine? He's in.
Cut fabric? He's in.
Clean out the herp tank. He's literally in.

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Trying to browse the Internet? He's in.
Trace a pattern? He's in.
Do product photography on a black velvet object that you have laboriously picked every white hair off of? He's totally in.
Distribute a neighborhood newsletter? He's in.

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Happy tenth anniversary to this fluffy white cat who wants to be part of everything we do.

Trying to machine-embroider? He's in.
Assemble a Lego kit? He's in.
Knit? He's in.
Put together a jigsaw puzzle? He's in.

They were peacefully sharing my cardigan until I asked Stevie to take a picture

Hey peeps, how about some kitties!

I got a new pillow for Didi's comfychair, since we had to toss out the ol' MLP pillow, nothing could make it nice.

Didi, of course, was skeptical at first, and I had to hijack Carisma to scentmark the pillow with her paws for a while, and only after thorough inspection, she accepted.

Bonus pic of Carisma included.

Please to observe the cute kitty lying over my foot.

#MeToo #lawsuit #abuse 

If there is a problem with retooting things because of my server, then copy the link and message and tootle it yourself; Crystal's pronouns are they/them.

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#MeToo #lawsuit #abuse 

Hey everyone! My friend Crystal reported in 2018 about bad things happening in SF/F fandom. Now, about two years later, nasty peeps are coming after them with a defamation lawsuit. 🀬 🀬 🀬

If you can chip in couple of bucks, it would help their defense against the lawsuit. Or retoot, please!

After spending time assisting my family members cleaning up the front yard, Orange Cat takes an extended nap on the dining room chair

here's something that the dolphin emulator has that every fucking program that does automatic updates should copy immediately:

when it checks for updates and asks if you'd like to install the latest version, you can check a box to say "yes, but only after this session"

you can do whatever you were about to do without waiting, and when you close it, it does the update and you get the cool new stuff next time you're going to play

The radiator is on and my cat has made herself a nest in the curtains and is therefore the happiest of cats right now

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