Hey, um... the company I'm currently working at might be on shaky ground in the near future, so would anyone happen to know of any UX Design/Programming positions opening in Redmond, WA in the near future?

I have 2 years of industry experience, and here's an example of my work:

@ queer creators

im a budding musician & wanna practice more, but have trouble finishing tracks, so i want deadlines

if you're making something, & you want free thematic music, & don't mind if it sounds generic/amateurish

dm me! i don't want money, just deadlines & prompts :3

boosts encouraged! :boost_ok:​

Tapping the "reader mode" icon in firefox while logged into the toot-lab results in an anonymized scribble wall and I think that's beautiful.

@iliana Are you identifying what tones she hums, or do you have to ask her

I want to lead a small development team of queers to help me finish literally any of my projects

Project Jortage (attn: instance admins) :boost_ok: 

@iliana Oh I've only been getting your unlisted posts so that makes sense

@iliana For some reason, this is the only post my instance has seen from your account in the last 2 days


@tessaracht AFAIK the attack is on the cellular modem processor which isn’t affected by any OS level settings for this flaw, that’s why there are no mitigations. Disabling SMS won’t help and the SMS that gets received doesn’t even show as received by the client hardware, so the only way to tell that it happened would be to look at the SMS history in your cell phone bill for strange numbers or texts that don’t line up with the history in your phone.

there's a major new SIM-based attack against a massive amount of mobile devices on the market, with no real mitigations yet:

be aware, look for strange texts, and disable SMS if you're able.

phone companies and the networks they design are such a damn mess. πŸ˜“

@kity You can make it a locked account and just let no one in


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