@TonyStark Sadly none of mine are on board yet. I did catch Tom Cole, Oklahoma, saying impeachment would drive the country apart, when in reality taking a stand together against insurrection would be a first step to bringing us more together.

I'm calling now. #ImpeachTrump

@TonyStark I’m proud to say my Democratic rep. had been leading the way. But a call to say thanks is always good, too. #ImpeachTrump


I'm convinced there are more better-minded people in this world, people with progressive priorities (and absolutely climate issues here.)

We have to remember that our only viable future, as a species, as a country, is if we make sure to get out and stay engaged in our political system.

Circumstances demand our engagement.


This makes me so Angry! Wearing a Mask is such a small Ask!

I had COVID-19. My brother has it now and is recovering.

Sadly ... I lost my Uncle yesterday to COVID!

These Representatives you mentioned that don't believe COVID is real, wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently doesn't help, should be brought to a COVID Ward to see what actually goes on there ... without a MASK!!!!!

Remember their names ... Vote them out!!!!

That's what you should do with real terrorists.

U.S. insurrectionists should be added to no-fly list: Senate top Democrat reut.rs/3sfTBDc

@TonyStark I can't believe Republicans think it's fine to spread a deadly disease but then I remember that they're Republicans.

The Pirate OS remains one of the most exciting innovations from Pirate Chain. Apart from being the most anonymous cryptocurrency the Pirate OS offers an additional shield of protection from the prying eyes of your operating system.

Just burn to USB and boot your wallet in privacy.


Joe Biden - not even in office yet and already helping fix all of the Trump administration's fuck-ups.

Trump administration reverses stance, will no longer hold back second shots of coronavirus vaccine:
The change comes several days after President-elect Joe Biden said he planned to release nearly all available doses to speed protection for Americans-

Glad to hear it.

I think issues are being conflated here.

There is, allegedly, another insurrectionist attack being planned for Inauguration Day in all 50 states. What -45 said last week is the worst yet, but in line with his racist calls and incitements to violence for 4 years, even further than that if you look. It should all be shoved out of acceptability.

What's truly happened with Amazon is capitalism. They decided it was too risky to be associated with him as a business decision.

I do think Amazon and other big tech has too much power. The solution isn't asking them to leave the Nazis up. It is to reduce their power by not using them at all, for one, and to support regulating it so they pay taxes, pay workers, and so Bezos isn't a billionaire.

I think these are important discussions, but they are taking focus off of a much more serious problem- people attacked our Capitol and want to again. We must focus on stopping that.

@NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill @sullybiker

Who's Minding the Store Right Now?

"This isn’t a philosophical question; we’ve spent four years wondering about the roots and motivations of Trumpism. It’s a specific question: Who is in charge right now when the White House has to make a decision?

There are two bitter ironies to the January 6 attempted coup. First, the mob was seeking to overturn an election in order to keep in office a president who manifestly has no interest in performing the job. Second, the riot seems to have accelerated rather than prevented the weakening of Trump’s presidency. Many attempted coups leave behind power vacuums and uncertainty. Until Biden is inaugurated, or Trump leaves office via resignation, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, or impeachment, the federal government may remain in the fragile state of having no clear leader."


I would call this more of a no-test than a protest.

Only one person showed up to the pro-Trump protest outside Twitter’s San Francisco HQ:

That’s just not very many people.

The top trending tag on this instance is now #bitcoin

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