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I'm not a full-stack developer,
I'm a... Holistic Engineer.

(Yes, I've been watching too much )

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I wanted to keep politics quarantined to Twitter and leave Mastodon for dev chat, but that's not the demographic here, so eh. Everything is political.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented

Love the flood of people deciding to try Mastodon in light of getting owned by Elon 👌

Cats can precisely negotiate obstacle courses meaning that If your cat knocks things over, they meant to do that. 😸

Wow just fuck Square and Epic for releasing on the epic store and not Steam

so Kellogg's are hiring permanent replacement scabs it seems. it would be a Terrible Shame if their recruitment lines were absolutely fucked up with indistinguishably fake applications, so whatever you do Don't follow the instructions in the link below

I had only ever read about this and never tried it before, but now I can say with authority that this is the correct method and all others are wrong.

Lol, just discovered Mastodon removed Keybase verification. Fair. But what's the alternative to Keybase that everyone is jumping ship to, if any?

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