Remember when the unofficial wiki was the best source of config information online? And then the dude maintaining it lost the drive and there were no backups.... now the wiki has supplanted it...

What bothers me about this is, the history has been lost. Everyone just thinks Arch is where all the power users have always been. It feels like revisionist history; It's not bad, it just feels untrue.

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@Slackwise Interesting... I didn't know about that, thank you. I wonder if anybody has somewhat-copy of the Gentoo wiki. It's probably a good reminder that open-source projects including wikis should be easily forkable.

@neoncipher At the time, it was the biggest Linux related wiki out there. Every time you'd google some obscure setting or feature, or the syntax required for some obscure config file, you'd end up on the unofficial Gentoo wiki. But it wasn't JUST a wiki about Gentoo stuff, it was a general Linux wiki. Arch hadn't existed yet. Even when Arch did exist, most users back in the day would reference the Gentoo wiki. Once it died, the Arch users were more plentiful and rebuilt a replacement. So it goes

@Slackwise Do you remember the url address of the site? might have a copy. With modern scraping algorithms it still may be recoverable.

@neoncipher Looks like people tried to salvage the data in whatever way they could:

This is now just lost Linux tech lore, I suppose.

Doesn't matter much, as Arch has met and surpassed it. I'm just saying, some amount of history has been lost, not the knowledge.

@neoncipher Oh, someone already did try and restore it and got "99%" of the way there:

But by then, I figure most of the userbase had already focused on Arch. (Myself included, having at the time deciding to give Arch a try back in 2008.)

@Slackwise Oh, thank you for the links! Linux community is amazing. I think sometimes we underestimate the power that we have. Together we can do anything. People just need to be aware of the problem. So your post helped achieving exactly that.

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