we shamed people into not using WYSIWYG HTMl editors, maybe it's no surprise we have Facebook and poorly made pages with heaps of JS πŸ€”

It's the 21st century, and you still need a ninja degree in flower arrangement in order to make the power plugs you need work with the sockets you got.

[trainer stares intently into the tall grass, sings]
Let's get down to business
To capture, the mons

[ICE agent glances over the border, sings]
Let's get down to business
To deport, the Juans

[lisper looks gleefully at code, sings]
Let's get down to business
To recurse, the cons

[python programmer staring at code, shakes head, sings]
Let's get down to business
To delete, the Nones

[pastor looking at choir, shakes head, sings]
Let's get down to business
To reseat, the nuns

The use of common data structures coupled with data driven APIs in makes it easy to adapt libraries to your existing architecture. This is contrast to libraries in that are either not general enough or force their design decisions on you.


@yogthos This leads to the most frustrating thing when trying to find libraries in other languages

this took me a while because i tried like 4 things and they were all already real 😭

hi my name is elon musk and i like uhhhhhhhhh [checks checklist] Magic: The Gathering

@yogthos There is only one real solution. One day a year where everyone legally unleashes their anger .. some kind of ... purge

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