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Walking downtown listening to a remix of "Delfino Plaza" from Mario Sunshine, and I start walking in beat-step to this ridiculous happy music and I'm sure I look like a total grinning dork but I love it

The fundamental problem of emoji, from the 'world emoji day' website:

Red Bull was invented by wizards as a magical
restorative brew. I need to find a fitting red health potion flask to sip it from.

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My body's overworked
It's just the same I know
When can my body work
Cold static overload
My body works, I know
It's just the same, I know
My only difference
Is robot influence

How to Masto:

The number on the right is a toot's power, or how much damage it can do. The one on the left is its toughness, how much damage it can take.

To summon a toot, you have to tap your feeds to gain moods.

My privacy policy is that I will forget who you are and everything about you if you change your avatar

I have reworded the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Pray I do not reword them further.

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