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"One of the most important and fascinating of all computer languages is LISP... Subsequently, LISP has enjoyed great popularity with workers in Artificial Intelligence. " -- From "GΓΆdel, Escher, Bach" (1979) by Douglas R. Hofstadter.

"I got hired at the Artificial Intelligence Lab not by JonL, but by Russ Noftsker, which was most ironic considering what was to come β€” he must have really regretted that day." -- Richard Stallman (

People afraid of negative numbers will stop at nothing to avoid them.

this toot brought to you by being in a weird museum thing probably sponsored by the fossil fuel industry, e.g.

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Remember when the unofficial wiki was the best source of config information online? And then the dude maintaining it lost the drive and there were no backups.... now the wiki has supplanted it...

What bothers me about this is, the history has been lost. Everyone just thinks Arch is where all the power users have always been. It feels like revisionist history; It's not bad, it just feels untrue.

we shamed people into not using WYSIWYG HTMl editors, maybe it's no surprise we have Facebook and poorly made pages with heaps of JS πŸ€”

It's the 21st century, and you still need a ninja degree in flower arrangement in order to make the power plugs you need work with the sockets you got.

[trainer stares intently into the tall grass, sings]
Let's get down to business
To capture, the mons

[ICE agent glances over the border, sings]
Let's get down to business
To deport, the Juans

[python programmer staring at code, shakes head, sings]
Let's get down to business
To delete, the Nones

[pastor looking at choir, shakes head, sings]
Let's get down to business
To reseat, the nuns

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