It'll be better when it's done. It's been sitting for a year now because I didn't have time to change the o-rings.

@SlowRain what the hell is this beautiful machine!?! From what century did you get this?

It's a La Pavoni PRH. I bought it new about 12 years ago. It's great for apartment living because it's small and quiet (no pump). Coupled with my hand grinder, I can make an espresso with my wife sleeping on the sofa.

I admit, though, that I haven't taken as good care of it as I should have.

But, I believe the first La Pavoni Europicola was made in the '60s. James Bond uses one in Live and Let Die. The style is still mostly the same.

Notice how my grouphead angles down in the profile shot. That's from using just a wee bit too much pressure when pushing down on the lever. 😔

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