Taiwan doesn't do appointments for the doctor. It's first come, first served. I arrived 40 minutes before the clinic opens. There are already 6 people in front of me.

Five more people have arrived. I bet they book up their morning before the doors even open.

And now I go for coffee until my estimated appointment in an hour. Luckily, there's a Louisa (local franchise) a few doors down.

Fun fact: I've heard from someone in the coffee industry that there are now more Louisa cafés in Taiwan than there are Starbucks. If you knew how much the Taiwanese love their Starbucks, that would surprise you. But Louisa expanded so rapidly that I wonder about their longevity.

The doctor had a take-out cup of bubble milk tea on her desk. I said it must be a health beverage if a doctor drinks it. You should've heard her giggle & squeal as she protested that it was a patient who had bought it for her. I bet you any money she took it off her desk before she saw her next patient. 😁


This time I'm 50 minutes early for the clinic, & I'm 3rd. I wonder what it takes to be 1st. 🤔

@SlowRain a tent? those old people wake up before the sun rises

It is an older guy who is first. He said he got here at 8:00, a FULL HOUR before the clinic opens.

We're standing out on the street like we're lining up for a new restaurant.


a: i heard this doctor has 5 stars on Google Reviews!
b: awesome, let's go get us some cheap medicine!

Ha! I never thought about doctor reviews.

This is the only doctor who seems to be able to give me useful medicine. Not that I've tried a lot of doctors, though. Unfortunately, she's nowhere close to where I live.

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