Well, I am 44 years old, and I think I need bifocals. Growing old is a privilege not all have, I am told.


I got trifocals last year, & I'm a tiny bit younger than you.

@SlowRain Its strange, I have been near sighted my whole life, but I have always been able to see up close well. Not that 3 foot reading distance with my glasses on is getting difficult.

It took me about a month. The most difficult part for me was getting used to the change in my peripheral vision. Driving, shopping in supermarket aisles, & standing in front of a (small) classroom looking at my students was wonky for a few weeks. Nothing excruciating, though.

I didn't consciously feel I needed them. I just went to the optometrist because my eyes were tired, & I knew it was time for a checkup.

Now I can't look at things close up without taking my glasses off. And I have to hold things lower down when I read what's written on them.

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