My wife went with the Pixel 4a 5G in Clearly White. It's a nice little phone. I'm still not sold on removing the dedicated back button & the button for toggling between apps, though.

It's nice to see a smallish phone with decent specs.

Any particular reasons?

To be clear, only the 4a 5G is available here, not the 4a.

@SlowRain yeah 4a 5G

1. Bigger Screen
2. Have same specs
3. Even has same camera setup
4. $200 cheaper than 5


If I remember correctly, the 5 has wireless charging and better water resistance. The 4a has a headphone jack. Listen to your heart on the feature set you'd prefer.

@sopan @afontaine
It's for my wife. She's leaning towards the 4a 5G based on price. The 5 is smaller (always nice!) & has a nicer feel (but she'll likely put a case on it).

@SlowRain @afontaine yeah. 5 is nice but in my opinion what it offers as an extra compared to 4a 5G is not much useful for me. So I would rather save 200 bucks here

@SlowRain I am biased because of my smaller hands. But I went with 5 when facing this choice.

@SlowRain I thought similarly about the navigation button but now I can't use a phone without the gestures. It took me a while to get used to the gestures, but after that, it feels like the most natural way to navigate.

I have in the past watched videos on new features of cell phones, but this is the first time I'll have to research how to navigate the actual phone.

@SlowRain Swipe from edge to go back, quick swipe up (and release) from the bottom to return home, and swipe up the same way and hold to see recent apps.

Thank you very much for that! My wife sort of figured out the Home swipe, but I never would've guessed at the other two.

@SlowRain I opted for the 4a 5g because it is my first pixel / 5g phone. even though it's not waterproof, it is a little future proof. If you're upgrading from a pixel, definitely go with the 5g, if it's your first pixel I would try out the 4a before more money on the 5

Thanks. She got a 4a 5G on the weekend. The 4a isn't available here, & the 5 didn't really have anything she needed. Plus it was out of stock.

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