I did the New York Times crossword on the airplane with a fountain pen at 10,000m. Does that count as the mile-high club?

This is my first time having Japanese "fluffy" pancakes. I don't know how authentic they were, but they weren't bad. Kind of tasted like sponge cake, but the texture was softer.

A local café owner just came back from France, & he brought some different coffees with him. It seems the French don't like fruity coffee, instead preferring a more chocolaty aftertaste.

How'd I do?

The pen is a Taiwanese brand (Pen Links). It has a Schmidt nib & converter. The Platinum ink is somewhat water-resistant. Not sure what it'll be like on average paper, though.

Havana Club 7 is my "old reliable" rum. It's available locally, & it works well for sipping or mixing. Bonus, it's a fun way to taunt Americans who still can't buy it in their own country. 😁

That nib is so fine I can't even control the pen, but she likes it. And that's not feathering, that's me accidentally jiggling it. It does have a bit of flex, though, which you can specifically see on the 2 "t"s of "Baystate". (The paper is Midori MD, cream.)

For the record, I would hate to write for any amount of time with this pen, but it would be good for writing in the margin.

My wife settled on a Platinum 3776 UEF. That's right folks, a Japanese UEF! She's not super thrilled with the body of the pen, but it was what she had to settle for just to get a nib she liked (I do like the color, though). She also liked the EF nib on a Pilot Plumix, but she hated the body.

My first (and last!) time trying Starbucks Reserve. It was their lightest roast, & it was still too burnt. Brewed in a Chemex. And that is a 480ml cup. Needless to say, I didn't finish it.

In case you're wondering, the popcorn was sweet but tasteless. The binding clip is a nice gift, though.

And here are the fruits of my labor. (And now I'm off to work to do some paid labor.)

Today I made yogurt, baked bread, & roasted coffee. I don't usually do so much in one day, but it's just how it worked out.

One thing I like about my lever espresso machine & hand grinder is that I can make an espresso without waking my wife.

(To be honest, though, the shot of espresso pulled too fast. So it had a weird sourness to it, but not unbearable.)

Went to the Big Bad Wolf book sale. It was their first time in Taichung. Picked up some light reading.

My grail diary

Traveler's Notebook & Faber-Castell Essentio

I know I'm late to this. I'd heard about them a year ago, but started planning it a month or so ago. You won't find any charms, stickers, scrapbook cuttings, or frickin' dried flowers in here.

Faber-Castell Essentio (F)
Noodler's Heart of Darkness

My initial thoughts are that it's a bit heavy, or at least unbalanced. And it needs very smooth paper without much/any feedback. The cap is SUPER tight to snap on & off, & the pen is ridiculously long when posted. It's OK but, as far as nibs go, I like my Gazing Far tm2 (Schmidt F) and Pilot Metropolitan (M) better.

Midori MD cream paper

Handles fountain pens well, but there's ghosting on the back of the page. The paper is fairly transparent, though. You can't really see it, but this ghosting is on the back of the 2nd page, & you can still see the rectangle from the logo on the front of the 1st page (look between the backwards "Heart" & "of"). It's more noticeable in person.

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