Visiting my parents means weak, burnt coffee. I have to have 2 of their cups to every 1 of mine, & I have to add milk & sugar. There is a decent coffee shop where they live, so I'm hoping I can get at least 1 good cup while I'm here.

A local café owner just came back from France, & he brought some different coffees with him. It seems the French don't like fruity coffee, instead preferring a more chocolaty aftertaste.

My first (and last!) time trying Starbucks Reserve. It was their lightest roast, & it was still too burnt. Brewed in a Chemex. And that is a 480ml cup. Needless to say, I didn't finish it.

In case you're wondering, the popcorn was sweet but tasteless. The binding clip is a nice gift, though.

If I'm not mistaken, recent research (out of Asia?) suggests you should use stainless steel only for hot or cold water & plastic only for cold water. Coffee & tea should only be drunk from ceramic. I believe this has to do with stomach cancer.

And here are the fruits of my labor. (And now I'm off to work to do some paid labor.)

Today I made yogurt, baked bread, & roasted coffee. I don't usually do so much in one day, but it's just how it worked out.

One thing I like about my lever espresso machine & hand grinder is that I can make an espresso without waking my wife.

(To be honest, though, the shot of espresso pulled too fast. So it had a weird sourness to it, but not unbearable.)

I had an espresso yesterday at Cafe PPM here in Taichung made from beans from Switch Coffee Roasters in New Zealand that tasted very similar to the espresso I roast & brew at home.

My extremely limited experience leads me to believe that Oatly works better with darker-roasted espresso blends than it does with brighter, lighter-roasted ones.

It has taken me years--YEARS!--to get my wife interested in black coffee. She would drink sweet, flavored lattes whenever she needed an afternoon pick-me-up, & just endure the stomach issues the milk caused. Finally, she tried a few pourovers & Americanos from decent shops & has come to the belated conclusion that black coffee isn't that bad. 😐

If you find your espresso or espresso-based drink is bitter, but the strength is fine, try skimming the crema (the brown foam) off the top of the espresso. I believe it was The Coffee Collective in Denmark that first started experimenting with this.

A cappuccino (of sorts). Actually, it was probably more of a flat white. Don't judge the latte art. I suck at it, so I just make squiggles.

This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere (washed) has a slight hint of blackcurrant to it, something usually found in Kenyan coffees. ☕😋

Further to my usual coffee shop raising prices, there are only 2 customers in here right now, & we're both long-term customers. I've only ordered a double espresso today, & the other guy a cappuccino (2 of his 3 cheapest drinks). The owner is giving both of us free (& very weak) oolong tea to keep our glasses full. He's also making a great effort to engage us in conversation, but he's always been pretty good that way.

A shakerato (espresso, sugar, & a lot of ice shaken together) at Café PPM in , . (That glass has mostly ice in it.) It's best to let the ice melt a bit as you drink it as the drink benefits from being diluted a bit.

I usually don't like to have anything with my black coffee (an exception is made for iced coffee, though). If I'm having a cappuccino, I like cake with it. But, if I'm having tiramisu, I like espresso.

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