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Traveler's Notebook & Faber-Castell Essentio

I know I'm late to this. I'd heard about them a year ago, but started planning it a month or so ago. You won't find any charms, stickers, scrapbook cuttings, or frickin' dried flowers in here.

Faber-Castell Essentio (F)
Noodler's Heart of Darkness

My initial thoughts are that it's a bit heavy, or at least unbalanced. And it needs very smooth paper without much/any feedback. The cap is SUPER tight to snap on & off, & the pen is ridiculously long when posted. It's OK but, as far as nibs go, I like my Gazing Far tm2 (Schmidt F) and Pilot Metropolitan (M) better.

Midori MD cream paper

Handles fountain pens well, but there's ghosting on the back of the page. The paper is fairly transparent, though. You can't really see it, but this ghosting is on the back of the 2nd page, & you can still see the rectangle from the logo on the front of the 1st page (look between the backwards "Heart" & "of"). It's more noticeable in person.

I started using a different ink at work & no one even noticed. Now I know how women feel when they get a haircut.

I finally have my wife interested in getting a fountain pen, but she wants a thin one. I know she'll want to buy the cheapest one she finds, but she'd probably be willing to up the price if the pen is pretty. I'd like her first pen to be a nice experience so I can buy her a nicer one later (maybe a Waterman Hemisphere).

What can you suggest for a decent-quality, thin, pretty (girly) pen with a smooth fine nib that uses bottled ink? Sheaffer? Cross? Parker?


Hey, quick question. Do you know anything about De Atramentis Document Inks? Specifically doing CMYK color mixing with their cyan, fuchsia, yellow, black, & white?

Here are Green Marine & Baystate Blue. In hindsight, I probably would've preferred Liberty's Elysium, but it was a vendor exclusive (which I despise), & the Baystate had a free pen (which I can always use).

The paper is Life (L!FE) Noble, cream, 90gsm.

Two new inks, both Noodler's: Green Marine & the infamous Baystate Blue. Baystate Blue will be relegated to the free Charlie pen that it comes with until I figure out something long term for it.

Without me giving any additional information, guess which brand of fountain-pen ink this is.

I'm looking for some relatively water-resistant blue & green inks for a project. I have Noodler's Heart of Darkness & Kiowa Pecan, so something with similar properties. I was looking at Noodler's Liberty's Elysium & Green Marine. Any experiences with either of those? Any other suggestions? Can't be expensive, though (like their Luxury Blue or Hunter Green).


Here's an interesting water test. Rhodia on the left, L!FE Noble on the right. Inks are written on each page. (Although not shown, the Rhodia paper quickly absorbed drops of water, but the water just beaded up & stayed on the surface of the Life Noble paper. The final pic is after they were run under the tap.)

This really makes me rethink my paper & my Kiowa Pecan. I like that ink, but it takes FOREVER to dry on Life Noble paper.

Here's something for you to try. Put a fountain pen in your front shirt pocket, then get on a motorcycle & ride quite fast for ~30 minutes. Enjoy.

I have an ink question. I currently use Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Green (discontinued). I'm looking for a green that's a similar shade & at least somewhat waterproof. I don't want anything mint, yellow, or brown. Any suggestions? Thanks.

My Diamond 580AL took a very violent crash to the floor on Thursday, & it actually writes better now. Previously, I'd found it a little dry. Anyone else want me to adjust their for them?

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