A very good article about why rum has been getting more (much deserved) attention recently.


From Jamaica to Belize, the elite new sipping rums that are raising the bar

Rums from Barbados tend to be what I like to sip, but Jamaican rums are the absolute best for mixing.

Everything You Need to Know About Jamaican Rum


Wow! I just made a mojito with Doorly's 8. It's going to be hard going back to my regular (1/3 the price) rum after this. I may have ruined myself.

This is pretty funny & a good demonstration why you shouldn't drink Plantation .

Irish People Try Caribbean Rum


Sausage patties, pancakes, blueberry compote, & maple syrup for brunch is followed by . For supper, it's followed by .

I'm going to say it: I absolutely love the no-nonsense labeling uses on their .

(You can just see the Zinfandel in the back of that one picture.)

Some recent purchases. I've tried the Mezan XO before, & it makes a mean daiquiri (Jamaican is awesome for mixing), but the Doorly's 8-year & Premise were new to me.

This Doorly's is an excellent entry-level sipper, but not as good as their 12-year. It's good in an Old Fashioned, but makes Coke taste bitter/astringent. The Premise is fine...but only after a couple drops of water. It sort of tastes like baking spices.

And here's part 2 of the article. Very interesting to know more about adulteration in the beverage industry. I know first-hand about food scandals. More people need to care about this.


My 2018 consisted mostly of nonfiction, & only 2 works of fiction (but 1 was ). The topics were mostly about life in the , , & . But I did read a novel, a novel about the in , & a book about . As always I hope to read more next year.

I'm by Mur Lafferty.


Caribbean Rum resurgence: 'Hellish liquor' to premium product


Good article from the BBC. But I've always preferred to whisk(e)y. Like to tea, I find rum has a heavier flavor.

My order from The Book Depository arrived. Plus, I'm drinking a on a day the gov't has given us off because of the rain.

The Manual by Dave Broom

The Fortress by Kaufmann



How Foursquare Became the Pappy of Rum

Richard Seale’s vision of affordably priced, “honest rum” has created a frenzy within the spirits world.


This is a very good article on Foursquare Distilleries & Richard Seale. I've tasted a few of their rums (RL Seale's 10-year, Zinfandel Cask Blend, & 2004), & they definitely are tasty...provided they're not ridiculously priced.

Here's a good writeup on esters in , & may explain why my bottle of Mezan Jamaica XO is only good for a daiquiri & not for sipping.


I'm not a lush. It's just that is a desert, and I have to stock up.

FYI, this is what rum looks like without added color. Also, these rums don't contain any added sweeteners or other flavors. The says "lightly filtered".



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