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This is the first time I've ordered shaving supplies where I'm not really trying anything new (with the tiny exception of the healing gel). I must be settled in. It should hold me for a few years.

The doctor had a take-out cup of bubble milk tea on her desk. I said it must be a health beverage if a doctor drinks it. You should've heard her giggle & squeal as she protested that it was a patient who had bought it for her. I bet you any money she took it off her desk before she saw her next patient. 😁

A city needs a ruling authority, and the acquisition of authority invites arrogance and belligerence. It encourages the will for further power. - Venice: Pure City, Peter Ackroyd

I must be getting old. There are 2 noisy toddlers in the café, & I think it's cute. There's a time when that would've annoyed the hell out of me.

And now I go for coffee until my estimated appointment in an hour. Luckily, there's a Louisa (local franchise) a few doors down.

Fun fact: I've heard from someone in the coffee industry that there are now more Louisa cafés in Taiwan than there are Starbucks. If you knew how much the Taiwanese love their Starbucks, that would surprise you. But Louisa expanded so rapidly that I wonder about their longevity.

Hey, , what is a great tutorial for a complete beginner sketching with ink?


Five more people have arrived. I bet they book up their morning before the doors even open.

Taiwan doesn't do appointments for the doctor. It's first come, first served. I arrived 40 minutes before the clinic opens. There are already 6 people in front of me.

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Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

There can be no more complicated election process than that for the Doge of Venice after the regulations introduced in 1268:

Hey, quick question. Do you know anything about De Atramentis Document Inks? Specifically doing CMYK color mixing with their cyan, fuchsia, yellow, black, & white?

Star Wars-themed cookware? Yes, please! 🤓
But all I can afford is a trivet. 😞

My late-night snack for this week was mainly homemade ricotta with homemade apple sauce. 😛

Unfortunately, it's all gone now. 😟

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I'd be interested in viable alternatives to GoodReads.

Here are Green Marine & Baystate Blue. In hindsight, I probably would've preferred Liberty's Elysium, but it was a vendor exclusive (which I despise), & the Baystate had a free pen (which I can always use).

The paper is Life (L!FE) Noble, cream, 90gsm.

The super-expensive electronic whiteboard is broken again. Regular whiteboards & markers don't break. These newfangled gadgets may impress students' parents, but they're a pain in the ass for teachers. 😠

Two new inks, both Noodler's: Green Marine & the infamous Baystate Blue. Baystate Blue will be relegated to the free Charlie pen that it comes with until I figure out something long term for it.

Without me giving any additional information, guess which brand of fountain-pen ink this is.

My boss gave me two movie tickets for Teachers' Day. Looking at upcoming movies, the only thing really interesting is July!

If you find your espresso or espresso-based drink is bitter, but the strength is fine, try skimming the crema (the brown foam) off the top of the espresso. I believe it was The Coffee Collective in Denmark that first started experimenting with this.

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