I graduated college in December ‘07, months after the collapse of Wall Street. I spent the next 9 years working low-wage jobs.

The feeling is stronger every day that I’m gonna be graduating from law school next May right around the time of another financial collapse, with similarly bad job prospects.

If you want some musical bliss 

may I recommend Pierre Boulez’s direction of Ravel’s “Ma mère L’Oye” youtu.be/012dwHuFYHE

Having met a few alt-right-ish Europeans who fancy themselves as pretty edgy, I gotta say:

It’s wild as hell to see people being convinced by arguments that Dinesh D’Souza and evangelicals were putting out in about 2000.

Be good to eachother!! It's not hard, just have empathy!

i do not sincere post very often but just so you all know i deeply care about camping and nature. Today is the anniversary of national parks being created 102 years ago. As a show of my appreciation of them id like to share one of my favorite things the parks have provided


this is a link to a live bear cam in Alaska the stream is very calming and relaxing for me to watch and i hope some of you tune in to watch the bears fishing and having a chill one.

I doubt that the same can be said for those who keep their scope limited or only write from a personal perspective

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The need to be comprehensive/all-encapsulating has kneecapped lots of writers.

“I want everything quiet and simple. For me: walking barefoot, sitting still, reading, listening to stories and now and then telling some myself. Eating fruit, drinking milk, longing to create, but with patience and many insights.”

- Rainer María Rilke

There’s something very adorable and badass about someone who is a tea/tissane fanatic. Much respect to that dorky crew of slurpers.

who has done more work for the american ppl?

boost for Luigi

ignore for the American government

History shows that leftist orgs relying on ideology to retain people will always fizzle. Community and human connection are the essential glue

Pop over to the birdsite, and the first story I see is the Eagles have now surpassed MJ for best selling album of all time. That’ll learn me to keep from wandering off Mastodon

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