Mastodon is not the first online ecosystem for any of us, it’s a chance at a reboot.

So it’s pretty rad that our consensus answer to the question “If given a chance, what would I have done differently online to make for a better future?” is a resounding “be authentic and kind and seek connection with others.”

@Sluggo I started on dialup BBSs, then IRC for many years, then Myspace, digg, Facebook, Twitter and now Mastodon.

Mastodon is the first one that feels like IRC. where I don't feel like a commodity. it's not a bunch of people fighting over followers to boost their brand.

@Sluggo I been waiting for you all to get to this point since AOL chatrooms. Get on my lawn!

@Sluggo "be better online" is one thing, i totally support it.

but another part of me thinks this is actually a good opportunity to be less online. like.. offline.

like, let's not just do another twitter. go outside, whatever that means to you.

@Sluggo i've been saying more and more over the last couple of years how much i miss the internet from when i was a kid back when everything was just about fun people doing fun things on the fun machine, and then this beautiful website fell right into my lap. a prayer i didn't even realize i made was answered by the universe

@Sluggo actually, for me it pretty much is my first. Before this I only talked to people I knew IRL through SMS and messenger. This is the first place I've used a social network the way it is intended.

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