The World of Light will be finished tonight hopefully!

Come hang out in the and see what unfolds in this Ultimate Fight! 💪🏾


is going live soon with some more ! Come hang out and chill while I work on more World of Light! 🔗 🔗

Never in my life did I ever expect grussy to be a thing.

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Alright Wonders, it’s time! going live super soon!

💡November Goals💡 172/230 Twitch Followers 275/350 Twitter Followers 4/10 Avg Views

Let’s get this month done right!
Let’s ! Gimme some links!

Okay! I'm back on track with college stuff so its time to soon! Let's go peeps! ✊🏾 Come chill and hang while we try to save the digital world! 😎 🔴 🔴

🔴 is still live!🔴

Come hang out and chill with me~. 😎
is what's going on right now! Halfway through the stream!

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Its been a busy week for me, and now have some days off coming up. Which is nice, but also bad because that means I won't get paid. Been considering setting up things like Partreon and Kofi but I feel like no one would be interested. But I gotta make my bread too. Love this capitalist society we live in. 😩

I'm having a hard time going to sleep after how this past day was. I'm furious, sad, upset all at the same time and I feel kinda helpless right now.

Ha wooooooow. Just got told I shouldn't have a moral compass for following a certain policy at my job. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz.

🎃Gonna be doing another short with some !🎃

❤️Come hang out and chill!❤️


! Time for a short tonight due to work but I want to hang out! Playing some tonight!

🔗 🔗

Twitter goal smashed! Trying to get my Twitch goal now! 🤗
💻151/200 Followers!

Let's have some fun !

🔴Let's get it Wonders! Time to chill and play some ! is live!🔴


Goals are still up!
💻141/200 Twitch Follows💻
🆒2/5 Twitch Subs🆒


Disappointed about Rockstar abusing their devs with 100 hour work weeks but not surprised at all. The engine of capitalism is meant to drain everyone for as much profit as possible, with little regard for the people it affects. Workers and consumers, its all about exploitation.

🔴Bonus late night ! Gonna be rolling !🔴 Come hang out and chill while we play some games afterdark! 😏 Still working towards my goals for the end of the year!

I do really hope that we can demolish the established system and bring down capitalism. For the sake of everyone, we need too.

Is it wrong to be scared of what may come from climate change? I want to believe that we can fix it, we have the ability to. But my anxiety makes me freak out internally.

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Ok, I know everyone is getting upset at the reports of voter rolls already being purged again.

Spread this info far and wide.

THIS is what you do if you DID register but are turned away from voting:

What to Do If You're Turned Away at the Polls

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