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Yo! I'm a comic artist and illustrator and I'm available for freelance work! I have a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and you can find my work in the recent Gravity Falls graphic novel.


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for the sake of protecting myself from slander I want to be crystal clear that I don't think the fairly oddparents was a very good show

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the "I should buy a boat" lolcat feels like a combination of image and text that Gary Larson would have come up with. Maybe he made that one

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most underrappreciated lolcat is the one that said "I should buy a boat"

I freely admit that I'm a Frequent two-things artist, but I have strict standards that the two things must be things no reasonable person would combine with a straight face

even if the only thing you did today was consume product, you're doing ok, no need to aspire for more, remember when you consumed product, that was good, how about you just make that your schedule every day, you're beautiful ♥

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the brands have discovered uwu self care you're doing great sweetie posts and I'm going to go live in a cave

the fight for 15 has evolved into the tussle for 25

they used to all be for the military but I think they finally gave up either after I turned 25 or after I sent them a stupid reply for the 500th time

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the curse of twitter knowing you're an 18-34 year old male with low but livable income is all your ads are for joe rogan brain pills and dogecoin

I have a lot of gripes with iOS but one of my biggest is how needlessly strict it is about app icon placement... WHY must they all be placed consecutively in an unbroken chain

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why doesn't iPadOS get the home screen customization that iPhone OS finally has 😔

I dreamt a slapstick episode of breaking bad where Gus slips on wet cardboard and sets off a chain reaction that causes all the characters to fall into a truck that rolls down the road and crashes into a bank and then they're all like "Uh oh!"

Bryan Cranston should have been Robotnik in the Sonic movie

"everyone on this show starts work in the middle of the day" - @fattoads

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