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Yo! I'm a comic artist and illustrator and I'm available for freelance work! I have a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and you can find my work in the recent Gravity Falls graphic novel.


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Fellas is it gay to convene? Because you're coming together, as in one body or for a public purpose ☕️😔😳

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if you need convincing beyond the prospect of helping financially support me as I make this weird labor-intensive comic, then check out this preview 👀


December’s Bonus Comic is now available to the Hardy Club on Patreon, which you can join for a dollar a month!

December's bonus comic should be up for Patrons tonight! Here's a preview of the lineart which is bangin so far if i do say so myself

sometimes I forget this character name that I came up with for a pitch bible in college and then I remember what a banger of a name it is

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Guys is it gay to arouse? Because you're stimulating feelings. 😔😳

also I always forget that there's apparently a subplot where the main character's dad doesn't own any pants

I can't help but imagine a rewrite where, instead of resolving the conflict by resolving his relationship to his "uncool" nerd buddy and, by proxy, his own nerdiness, what if the protagonist had to resolve his relationship with a woman and, by proxy, his own masculinity

Like, the protagonist is only ever identified as a "nerd" or "geek", but. He's an incel

The inciting incident is his feeling of inadequacy that prevent him from talking to a girl. Literally the first thing the first song establishes is that he's sexually frustrated

The interesting nerve that it nicks is this potent undercurrent of self loathing among teenage boys, surrounding very rigid scripts of masculinity, which is SUPER relevant in this decade! The aesthetics of "Nerds vs Populars" feel stale at best by comparison

To be clear, I like the show, I'm only poking fun of this minor point because it reflects how I think it's held back by that commitment to '80s high school narratives

in one song these 2015 high school students refer to beating up "Nintendo Zombies", which could refer to... exactly two things

1. The period in the 1980s-90s where "Nintendo" was synonymous with video games as a whole, before these characters were born
2. Zombii U

Be More Chill is fascinating to me-- I enjoy it, but if I didn't already know it was a huge hit with Tumblr teens, I would say teens would find it comically out-of-touch

i haven't really played much sonic but as a character design he owns

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Hi pals!!! I'm having a sale on my Etsy store! Come help me slim down my stock before I move house ✨

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