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Yo! I'm a comic artist and illustrator and I'm available for freelance work! I have a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and you can find my work in the recent Gravity Falls graphic novel.


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i'm glad everyone seems to agree that the longer and less coherent full version is much funnier and I never should've doubted whether it would land

this post was brought to you by kyle "sally brown might be the funniest comic strip character of all time" smeallie

charles schultz was a cishet christian guy born in 1922 in minnesota and he managed to write a cast of many funny, distinct, and realized female characters, so there's like, no excuse for token girl characters in 2019

my twitter follower count is an ebb and flow based on weeks where I post a bunch of art and weeks where I retweet the megabus social media account

am I crazy or has every trending phrase or hashtag on Twitter for the past month consisted entirely of confused people saying "why is this trending"

the drumbeat never changes tempo,
it's steady like a rock

oh boy it's time to post my piece for ! this one's for season 3's "Club Spongebob"🦑

google ominously suggests I refer to the moon in past tense

I opened this ink folder on an old comic and said "What" out loud

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