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Yo! I'm a comic artist and illustrator and I'm available for freelance work! I have a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and you can find my work in the recent Gravity Falls graphic novel.


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Jellystone is a show where the kind of offbeat but sincere fanart I do of other shows is just What The Show is Like, so if you like when I draw Rainbow Dash reading the Bible or whatever, I think you'll like Jellystone

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It's here!! Your Occasional reminder that I have a Patreon!

Join and see comics early, see behind-the-scenes development stuff, and join in when I do drawing streams for my Discord!

i only realized yesterday that I have zero clue what this man is holding

I'm gonna continue my attempt at Hitman 2 Master Mode in a few minutes! It's time for Miami 🏖

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I'm thinking about it more and I think ten dollars

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hoopdooglydoomyman is a meme for some reason right now and all I have to say is that everyone who ever compared my art to him owes me a dollar

the spam bots have tired of talking about cialis and are talking about winx club now

I swear this logo on the hitman 2 steam launch page is getting smaller and smaller and I have never touched it

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