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Yo! I'm a comic artist and illustrator and I'm available for freelance work! I have a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and you can find my work in the recent Gravity Falls graphic novel.


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this has been a popular look recently and it's cute but literally every single time my brain just

Plum!! 😈

From 's really fun comic Angel's Advocate

I'd like to buy some pride merch for this year but I'd much rather support independent artists before corporations

Any independent artists selling pride stuff right now?
I'd love to see what's out there and support cool art

I just remembered when I drew a Monster Factory character for every single day of October last year and it was pretty good

we're angry people / turning into tigers / we're angry people / turning into wolves

I will take it over the smug udemy guy that invades my home every time I look up how to do something in unity

if you want to confuse google, just search for a profession with no clarifying information, apparently

I googled "airline pilot" once for one reference photo and I immediately am swimming in advertising for flight school

anyway. block brands on social media and don't give them the satisfaction of outrage-views. we live in a social climate where attention is currency and every ad team has realized that controversy is an attention-generating powerhouse

If I were a brand, I would simply co-opt and mock mental illness as a marketing strategy

i'm catching up on Ducktales and The 87 Cent solution is, so much, I could not believe it was real as I was watching it

my was the abstract concept of being completely disconnected from experiencing or being aware of my sexuality and only being able to recognize it after the fact

Two theories:

1. The Soup Boys thought the original "feuled by" was too phonetically difficult, and they replaced it with an alternative that was easier to hear while sacrificing all story logic

2. They straight up couldn't hear the original lyric and thought it was "with my"

to make it feel appropriately Cool I guess, Bowling for Soup covered the Jimmy Neutron theme song-- which had already been written and recorded, but nobody had ever heard because there was no TV show yet.

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