(jolts awake) sex and sexuality are not inherently shameful or inappropriate and to imply as such on any structural level will disproportionately hurt lgbt adults and youth who already live with deep-seated anxieties about whether their sexual experiences are condemnable

(falls back asleep immediately like a heavy log falling into a shallow slop of mud)

gay people like, every minute of every day: It's so easy to forget, but I need to remember that I am real and my identity is real and I'm allowed to exist sexually

""progressive"" tech companies: saying "I'm gay" is a forbidden solicitation of sex

we have so many jokes about how straight men Need Sex and yet so few acknowledgements of the real existential dread and guilt that come with having your sexual 'needs' stigmatized

(in the fiction of this twitter thread I am now sleeptalking)

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that a loss of respective online sexual spaces would leave straight men frustrated and annoyed, while leaving lgbt folks literally in danger

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