Sonic's new catchphrase is a mouthful but I think it might catch on

imagine this with his jaleel white voice please and thank you

@demoweasel my theory is that much like how Jim Carrey will evolve into Eggman, the cop will evolve into Sonic Man

@Smeallie sorry i can only hear penny snapcube's sonic voice

@Smeallie @GavinWolf in the middle of crunch right now and oh god I want to hang the nearest pennypinching billionaire

gotta go fast (so long as such speed is reasonable and does not cause employees to undergo crunch leading to longterm psychological strain and damage that will affect them, as crunchtime is an inhumane practice caused by a failure in the production system that should violate a human right to their lives and rest but for some reason does not)

@Smeallie image description:
drawing of Sonic saying: "Crunch" is a failure by a management on both practical and ethical grounds!

Food is somehow relevant, sound barrier 

@Smeallie yeah pmuch. 1-2 day spikes due to a critical bug in production are one thing, but actual crunch?

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