A Brand Twitter made a petty "no u" version of the "Silence Brand" meme and the replies are all just other Brand Twitters celebrating it and I think this is what the early stages of a zombie apocalypse feels like


Brands are created and represented and performed by people, but brands are not people.

reading a Twitter thread of brands responding to other brands is like stumbling into a conversation between eldritch beings who are using the voices of human puppets as toys

@Smeallie or weakly superhuman AIs experimenting to find effective ways of suborning human minds and souls to the service of their own incomprehensible purposes

well, not wholly incomprehensible: in the short term they mean to drive us into acting out the utterly ruthless war they make on one another

when the sole survivor bestrides its bested enemies and has nothing left to fear, that’s when the incomprehensibility starts and everything gets worse forever

@brennen @Smeallie i mean it’s pretty hard to blame charlie for the creation of the joint-stock corporation and marketing as a science

@Smeallie like the Greek gods on mount Olympus, brands only occasionally meddle in the affairs of mortal humans

@Smeallie The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind supposes that the gods were manifestations of peoples' left hemispheres, speaking to the individual directly as an apparition or speaking to others via the individual. I suspect modern brands will seem as obscure as all that in 5 centuries

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