animal crossing be using singular 'they' to refer to player characters

I have yet to notice the game use any gendered language for player characters whatsoever! Makes me curious if this is true for the Japanese version and what, if anything, the choice of "style" in character creation represents

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@Smeallie I think style is literally just what hair you start with in the character designer. I watched @00dani 's video where she made her character and I watched my girlfriend make hers, and they chose different styles but had the same options

@marie_joseph @Smeallie you can go back and change your style at any time using a mirror, independently from choosing a different hairdo, so it must have other effects

i think you might get a slightly different running animation depending on chosen style? i haven't tried both to be sure though :blobcatthinking:

@00dani @marie_joseph @Smeallie I use the masc style and my running animation is pretty cutesy so im not entirely sure that's it.

Perhaps its an artifact from the japanese version?

@Smeallie i mean it's gendered in terms of style; i'm not sure if there's other gendered language in reference to the player character

@Smeallie animal crossing and temtem demonstrating how easy it is to have a game use they/them for the player

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