"Good cops" need to quit now, there's no ambiguity. If there are as many people in the police force that are dedicated to peace and justice as we're always told there are, a mass exodus of them would make these violent police attacks impossible.

Police officers in major cities know what they're going to be asked to do at work if they're called in right now. Continuing to show up and get paid is complicity, no matter how good or unracist they feel in their heart.

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the mythical "good cop" could do infinitely more good by quitting, joining a protest, and volunteering to keep civilians safe than they can by getting paid to stand silently while their coworkers assault people

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@Smeallie Saying "mythical" shows that you're internalizing the "us vs them" mentality that is hurting both sides. The actual good (majority) on both sides need to stand up and say that the bad in their midst (minority) are in the wrong and should be dealt with appropriately.

We are all in this together. We need to improve together. Each side tearing down the other does more harm than good.


also while their colleagues smear people, enable businesses /property to be destroyed that are the culmination of hard work and battles

@Smeallie No, it would make the violent police attacks even more common because guess who would take the place of the people who left? Power hungry bullies who want to feel like they have authority over others.

@Smeallie Just a reminder to the “good cops” that “I was only following orders” hasn’t been the most successful defence.

@Smeallie exactly, get rid of them all, if you're genuinely a decent person you'd have quit

@Smeallie why? Good cops should stay on and report and throw bad cops out. Community based policing is a good match of citizens and law enforcement-not confrontational.

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