this was by no means intentional as even the newest pages were written over a year ago, but I like to hope that the Softies book might connect to what quarantined kids are living through right now as a story about apocalyptic trauma and alienation

it's weird and maybe navel-gazey to be reevaluating my own writing in the light of the apocalypse, but, I wrote a comic about the end of the world and about stifling distance, and I guess I can hope there might be value in it for somebody right now

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me seeing artistically striking, well composed photos of an entire coastline going up in flames due to my country's and my species' irresponsible behavior

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as a side note, I remember being pretty unhappy with The Experiencer at the time, but looking back I think it has some of my favorite dialogue, including this bit which was made up on the spot to fill a hole in the script that I didn't finish writing

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