i only realized yesterday that I have zero clue what this man is holding

the spam bots have tired of talking about cialis and are talking about winx club now

I swear this logo on the hitman 2 steam launch page is getting smaller and smaller and I have never touched it

I want a highlight replay feature that shows you your run from the perspective of the guards

if you've never read Dune a fun game to play is to google "Dune Book Cover" and try to determine literally anything about the story

the only thing the "suggested topics" bar is good for is putting together intriguing blender pitches

when Spongebob and Squidward make out at the pride parade but get harassed by homophobes and they have to flee

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to be clear, the title cards to episodes I've seen 100 times are no less absurd when taken out of context

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I admit to not having seen much Spongebob since I was a kid, which makes the experience of scrolling through the "Title Cards" page on the wiki extremely funny

rewatching @Socpens playing frogger today. definitely one of the video games ever

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