i only realized yesterday that I have zero clue what this man is holding

I'm gonna continue my attempt at Hitman 2 Master Mode in a few minutes! It's time for Miami 🏖

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I'm thinking about it more and I think ten dollars

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hoopdooglydoomyman is a meme for some reason right now and all I have to say is that everyone who ever compared my art to him owes me a dollar

the spam bots have tired of talking about cialis and are talking about winx club now

I swear this logo on the hitman 2 steam launch page is getting smaller and smaller and I have never touched it

cc uhhhh @catboots you're the only person I know who does this

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Does anyone have / pledge to a Patreon reward tier that involves shipping physical rewards to the supporter?

How do you handle scaling the pricing for international shipping? Do you just kinda, have to turn away Patrons who want that tier but don't live in your country?

"heaven only knows; I'm really underleveled!"
- jeff lynne playing an rpg

underrated lore element of the g4 mlp movie is that it establishes that "cloven-hooved" is an insult

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