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Reminder that I’m an actual Tax Professional and if you have questions about US personal income tax (include small businesses like Schedule C, E, & F) I can answer questions & I won’t even charge you for it.

My brain is rotten and social media killed it. No gods, no masters, no fucking social media. It rots the brain and corrodes the heart & if you want an example of this just look at the fucking President of the United States. Social Media has caused literal genocide as well as mental illnesses and destruction and brings out the absolute worst in our species and I’m not having it any more. Fuck you all, delete Mastodon, Facebook, Twitter, etc and join the true revolution. Goodbye.

Alright jerks, I’m going to bed. Again.

If I wake up tomorrow and there’s been ANOTHER huge schism between my friends because you all can’t stop being messy bitches,

so help me God I will create a meme tenfold more horrible than Coochie Seal or Pabst Dog and make sure it never leaves your pathetic timelines.


Actually, blacksmith is just one form of “smith.” In fact it changes depending on what material the artisan works with. You’ve got whitesmiths, greensmiths, cocksmiths, redsmiths, etc. etc.

Found a new website called “Twitter” that’s sort of like a centralized version of Mastodon. It doesn’t have instances to my knowledge but I’m still trying to figure it out. Could be worth considering as an alternative.

EVERYBODY! When my baby bunny drinks milk she does this cute thing with her little paw. It's important that you know this.

The Holy Roman Empire ranks first in Empires where the ruler fell in a river and drowned because he was too dumb to take his armor off before trying to cross a river.

Boost if ur a dingo eating a dead shark on the beach, fave if ur a shark being eaten by a dingo.

CW: whining 

Geographers: I have an argument to make about the political economy of Singapore, but first here is a thirty page introduction critiquing the concept of scale.

Geologists: Here is a rock. Pen for scale.

prehistoric elephants didn't have to go that hard, but they did, and should be respected

@helldude it's Funny and Good To Me that every social nxetwork has to make the mistakes of its predecessors dating back to like CompuServe and Prodigy

callouts work really well in egregious and urgent cases but in far too many situations the primary motivation for calling someone out is to make yourself feel good or powerful, not to warn or protect others as is generally the stated case

80% of the internecine fights we see play out on the timeline are personal disputes that get blown out into big issues of political dimension

trust an old cranky man when i say, hate you hate, it's ok! its fun to hate fuckos! you can dislike someone for whatever petty reason you want, you dont need to make into an issue of political or moral failing

Anyway here’s a teeny tiny agate with fortifications from, you guessed it, the Oregon Coast (I swear I go rockhounding elsewhere as well!)

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