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This year Combine introduced a new function assign(to:) which takes a publisher. I like it a lot. Even with the & they added to it today.


@Gargron honestly, and I’m saying that as the person who sort of invented web animation (script.aculo.us), only animate stuff when you need the users’ attention; like for errors or required input.

What apps do you use on your smartphone for creativity/productivity?

so, um

anyone else had this situation

you're lured to an illicit evening trying something you tend to avoid ("OpenGL"), it passes in a haze

then eight years later a grown-up repo arrives on your doorstep, calls you Daddy and asks to move back in



all advice welcome

(as @qdot said elsewhere, "It's a bit odd to be 82230 commits out of sync" is a beautiful phrase)

Never underestimate the power of some images and a little bit of scripting.

I’m not a huge fan of this book, but it is putting into words a lot of frustrations I’ve had with software developers who think I pay them for code vs solving problems well.

Quake 3 is still a great game. You can play online at quakejs.com Also you can use ioquake to play natively.

“Please, tell me more about how this particular cross platform UI framework will help your employer ship kickass apps, while none that came before it could!” I say through gritted teeth, while continuing to strip the plastic sheathing from an active power lead with my teeth.

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All videos from Server-Side Swift Conference 2019 are posted now! 🎉📺


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💡 tip: Method Dispatch in Protocols

Protocol methods use different dispatch rules*, which leads to confusion:

1. Requirements use dynamic dispatch.
2. Members use static dispatch.

*Method dispatch means how a method is addressed in memory: at compile time or at runtime.

Is iOS/iPadOS the platform with the highest software maintenance cost?

SwiftUI provides a very nice Shapes API that allows us to build super custom UIs fast and in an easy way. I use Shape API to build a sleep zones chart in NapBot. To learn more about building charts in SwiftUI take a look at my post.

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