more animation! been playing bloodborne and i love those lil messenger lads #bloodborne #animation #mastoart

git snark 

my (18f) boyfriend (34m) keeps firing his gun randomly around the house and has hit our child (5f) several times. should I talk to him about it?

Fenton the Roomba explores a corner. He's learnt how to not ram everything with his face!

Arctic monitoring stations have reported the sound of cracking ice, a low, unceasing gutteral growling, and one short, sharp jingle.

I am sitting downstairs in my office, working, but also listening to creepy thuds and bonking-around through the ceiling.

At first I was terrified, but then I remembered that it's just the Roomba, which recently started going off at 3am for no reason—perfectly normal, nothing terrifying about that at ALL

The long overdue Unknown Pleasures update is here (god, Alice 2: The Alicening is a saint to put up with me)! There are some terrific action games in this batch, and a funny little space game, and a couple of rough but very promising early access titles.

Frankly I could really use a day where I lowered awareness of my mental health, if I’m being honest

ORCTOBER FACT #2: While being strong does indeed confer an advantage in combat, an orc's big muscle are mostly for giving their friends the best hugs. :orc: #orctober

After over 150 hours of dutiful service, figured it was time to trade in the old grey ship and replace it with something a tad more colourful.

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