Is there a way to crosspost between different instances??

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@Smithums Yes, my recipe is using Withknown as the source and crosspost to different mastodon instances, like this (does not work for replies tho)

the system powering my blog is called WithKnown (open source #indieweb ready blog engine) it comes with a bunch of plugins (twitter, mastodon etc..) you setup the blog, plugins, configure everything and that's what you see when you publish a new status post.

Sadly it does not support thread and currently you can only use the "reply" feature to twitter.

The whole concept thing is under the #indieweb protocols, motto is publish on your own blog, syndicate elsewhere :)

micropub & microsub
all different components of the indieweb that you can find for different systems : wordpress, withKnown, Drupal, Jekyll, Hugo etc...

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