I miss my California friends.

But I'm happy that me being so far away has emboldened me to try new things they'd always do in the kitchen.

...but I still miss em.

for the first time ever, I made rice (successfully)

even did that trick where you sautee it beforehand.

next time: I add tomatoes

these are some of my favorite peoples.

when I first moved out to SF in 2013, literally no one wanted to live with me until I called up that dude on the right

everything changed when I spoke with Victor

now I'm celebrating immigrant women at a party at the immortal El Rio. while my mother and grandma fit the bill, Victor's sister is the one we celebrate. she is unbelievable

and really .. I owe him and his family so much

thanks for reading.

can't wait to hear that i have yet to have an original thought

Move over sporacle, I've found a new browser trivia game

freakin' white people 

Straight white cis men are the thinnest-skinned creatures on Earth. Not everything *has* to be about us (am straight cis white male).

Frankly, if you find yourself tooting/saying stuff like this (complete with the ableist slur), you deserve mocking and name calling.

It's really not hard to not be a shallow attention-seeker, and instead do whatever it takes to be a good ally.

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