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this kavana guy is a total piece of shit, huh?

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Youse guys want to play stickball?

all these notifications from dating apps about buying their premium service wouldn't be so depressing if I ever got a single notification about a match

the first Taken was an interesting movie, highly entertaining, super shallow, filled with ridiculousness

and definitely worthy of zero sequels


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Please insert the disk labeled

Windows XP Professional CD-ROM

into Drive A:

* Press ENTER when ready.

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Thinking about going to night school to finally learn how to dougie

what the fuck is up with these stupid 401 errors?

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looks like the Nintendo Switch got some new Toad icons in celebration of the news

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when i was 17 i borrowed my mom's suv under false pretenses & put a mini horse in the backseat. the tranquilizer wore off & i broke my right ring finger punching him in the face when he tried to jump through the windshield.
THAT is a teenage indiscretion.

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climbing into the houses of gun fetishists and loading all their shotguns with shotgun shells full of confetti to give them a bit of levity when their home is invaded

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these are some of my favorite peoples.

when I first moved out to SF in 2013, literally no one wanted to live with me until I called up that dude on the right

everything changed when I spoke with Victor

now I'm celebrating immigrant women at a party at the immortal El Rio. while my mother and grandma fit the bill, Victor's sister is the one we celebrate. she is unbelievable

and really .. I owe him and his family so much

thanks for reading.

Bay area Cold Brew is still the best Cold Brew

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