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looking through the list of famous gemini: "yes, this makes sense"

i forgot to announce:

HAPPY GEMINI SEASON! <3 May the gemini in all of us prosper.

thinking about switching instances... i like Social but i feel like it's not a right fit for me? idk.

Sorry for bitching but she's getting on my nerves.

Istg our creative director is an idiot. If she thinks that she can make it in a creative agency with that attitude and her level of enthusiasm (which is NONE) for design work then she has another thing coming.

Its why she works for our firm because most of us don't know any better, but the people from creative agencies are side-eyeing her terribly. Myself included.

People are excited that EM is creating a Journalist rating site, and fail to see where he confirmed that it will be like Yelp. How will that help anyone? The same people seem to think that it will be a fact checking site.

I'm not sure what to think other than "bad" since he's doing it out of spite and not actual good will. Like, people are picking on hi GF for him not allowing his workers to Unionize. That's where all of this is coming from.

i'm supposed to be doing and I just cant make myself do it. UGH

I need to catch up. I've only done two days.

Ive never been more interested in trademark laws since the entire force of romancelandia has descended on one soul over the word Cocky.

Author Twitter drama is real and it's vicious.

I can't imagine Facebook drama.

Haven't been around much because ive been documenting the twitter drama on romance authors and actually doing a lot of overtime work. But I do miss Masto

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Since I can't sleep yet, here is a very cute picture of June from earlier yesterday

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Hey guys,

Would you take a moment and view this unlocked patreon post?

The author is asking what content people would like to see from her/authors in general.

If you read the genre (LGBT+ Romance, & a bunch more) what would you need in order to join?

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