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Hello everyone, I'm an electronics engineer, just a common Indian, here to freely toot out my opinionated mind. I like to remain updated about current politics, extremely interested in it. Trying to be an ardent reader, love to explore different genres. I love poetry/poems ( though I can't write one) and Music is my saviour.
I like to connect with people of different opinions(are always welcome), but I hate fascists/fascism/dictators and all who belong to this category.

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If anyone wants to know what happens if win/rule/govern watch . A dystopian series based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name.

"I won't rape you because you don't deserve it."

"I would prefer my son to die in an accident than show up with a moustachioed​ man"

"A policeman who doesnt kill isnt a policeman."

Some of Bolsonaro's statements, India's guest for republic day.

Lost Generation : 1883–1900
Greatest Generation : 1901–1927
Silent Generation : 1928–1945
Baby Boomers : 1946–1964
Generation X : 1965–1980
Millennials : 1981–1996
Generation Z : 1997–2010/2012
Generation Alpha : 2011–2025

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Don't try to complete a book.
Instead, try to capture and gain concepts from it.
Within no time, you'd have read the book.

If does manage to become the FIRST ever American Prez to get impeached, I'll build a grand shrine to our Holy God Dinkan!

Masha Dinka!
Om Namo Dinkaya Namah! 😌🙏

CC: @Dinkan


some clouds dissipate fast,
like talent seduced by commerce,
some get darker by the second,
angrily refuse to let go of the rain,
just thunder on.

a city emerges,
the lines from above,
turn out to be railways and highways,
engulfing a river,
keeping it achingly near yet far,
from the sea,
the clouds watch and move on.

Stay away from hypocrites and do not befriend the treacherous.

Hazrat Ali

You might be discouraged from speaking the truth because of trolling but remember one thing...

What you have said or written cannot be unread or will fester in the eyes of the troll until he or she eventually believes you.

Lust: "You belong to me Only"
Love: "I belong to you ONLY "

Lust: "I won't let you forget me"
Love: "I will never forget you even if u forget me"

Lust: " Whom were you talking to?"
Love: " I was trying to reach you"

Lust: "You have to behave according to my friends family n society "
Love : "Just be yourself "

Lust: " No one makes me happier than u"
Love: "I m happiest when u r happy

Lust: "Don't return if u leave this marriage
Love: " I m always here whenever u turn back

Choose coz U Can

Government to not release the results of Consumer Expenditure Survey 2017-2018, ministry says report has been withheld due to its 'adverse' findings.

Dear Indian Citizens,

Whenever u feel frustrated because of:-
- Business shutdown
- Unemployment
- Tax terrorism
- Religious intolerance
- Stressed agriculture sector
- Polluted Air
- Waterless cities
- Rapes

Then, please recall you never elected #Modi govt on above issues

So, our Judiciary knows where Ram was born.

But when?
Pre-Indus valley or post?

But, then, Treta yug was 12,96,000 human years, while Dwapar 864,00 & the ongoing Kaliyug 432,000.

So, at least a million years ago?
Or the revisionist claim of 5114/7000 BC made by some gurus?

Did Ramayana era people speak Sanskrit, or some other prior language?

How many centuries later did Valmiki write ?

If only 2-3000 years ago, what happens to the Dwapar-Treta-Kalyug math?


In 6 years, Modi ji has ensured that people now have to spend less money in their life!

Let's tributes to legendary tribal & revolutionary freedom fighter on his birth anniversary, his life was a journey of indomitable courage, dedication & service to motherland, only tribal leader marked presence in parliament house.

My mother thinks she and my family are being very patient and understanding towards me being so vocal and calling out them for believing Godi media every day during dinner and criticising my dad for sometimes blindly believing this government.

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