gives you different choices for apps on each:-

Tusky - FREE
Subway Tooter - FREE
Fedilab - PAID

iOS :
Toot! - PAID
Mast - PAID
Amaroq - FREE

Pinafore - FREE
Halcyon - FREE

Whalebird - FREE
Tootle (Linux) - FREE
TheDesk - FREE
Hyperspace - FREE

Tooter - FREE

Hey, welcome.
We should thank Mastodon, found this list in Mastodon menu itself, thought to share the list directly.

is Fedilab paid in play store? If people cannot afford they could download and install from @fdroidorg

@Snehal_rasal I’m trying out the free tootle app on iOS. Amaroq seems thin and stable. But tootle seems to have a bit more customisation and features. But seems a bit buggy. Could very well be that I’m new and still finding my way.

Read some iOS users are using Amaroq.
Keep reviewing for iOS users☺️👍

@Snehal_rasal sure!
I personally like so far, but that is not saying much given it’s been only a couple hours. It packs a lot more features in a small space. Good use of real estate and quite intuitive. I did not see this mentioned in any mastodon related docs so far though. It did crash a couple times . But the ease of use means I just have to bring it back again.

@InvertedChromosome @Snehal_rasal using Tootle, but search doesn’t work. Nor I can click on a hashtag to show toots related to it. Pity. Never tried Toot! as it’s paid, but looking for reviews.

@itzkavin We have this list in Mastodon menu itself so tooted it out for all. I searched for Sailfish, and yes some companies are trying to bring it back, have no idea about the existing ones.
Maybe someone here can enlighten us more on Sailfish.

@Snehal_rasal Sailfish was an ambitious alternative OS, developed over Nokia's another ambitious OS project, MeeGo. But currently in life support due to lack of hardware support.

If you are on Android, check out the free+open source app store @fdroidorg !

Fedilab is free on there and it's a great first step for getting away from Google's monopoly and data hoarding :)

@unicorn @fdroidorg
I have tried Tusky so far and it has turned out to be quite smooth, will also try Fedilab and see☺️👍

@Snehal_rasal I have tried both and personally like #Tusky more due to its simplicity, but everyone should find their favourite!

#Fedilab has some advantages like more features, integration of other federated services like #PeerTube and others that I probably forgot.

@Snehal_rasal Fedilab is paid app in Playstore. Free version can be downloaded through FDroid. But I like Tusky better.

@naveensurendar I haven't tried Fedilab yet, thanks for the review. Tusky is good, but I keep switching to webpage in between, got more comfortable with web.

@Snehal_rasal I like over . Too many apps crowding the phone so not sure if I want to dload every app and try.

@svaksha As I mentioned earlier Tusky is quite efficient, Fedilab has some additional features and others have mentioned it is free on f-droid.
Ofcourse we don't need to try out every other app, everyone has suggested which one's better. Hope it helps😁

Fedilab is only paid in Google Play - it's free on FDroid. Also, for Web, add Brutaldon.

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